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Cougars, Types and Cupid’s Arrow (random quick thoughts)

First, I’m typing as fast as I can.  Trying to squeeze this in while my lunch is cooking.  So, forgive me if it lacks eloquence or even sense. I was thinking about a post I read on Mike the MasterDater’s site earlier today, Cougar, cutting her claws on the back of change. It’s a well […]

My Nondate

Last night I had a nondate. A couple of weeks ago I was supposed to meet this guy for drinks, and he emailed early in the day saying he was still interested in meeting me but had had a couple of promising dates with a new girl and so was thinking that our “date” would […]
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Too Soon Dude, Too Soon

It looks like I’m not going to be going out with that 33 year old after all.  Sorry, I really was ready to give the whole cougar thing a whirl, but I can’t.  Not with this one.  He just completely blew it. We met online a week or so ago and have been exchanging very […]
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An Experiment

I’m not bragging, but I do look pretty damn good for my age.  I get hit on by younger guys all the time.  And it’s not because I’m smoking hot (I’m not).  I’m an attractive women who happens to look about 10 years younger than she is. Anyway, I have this habit of bringing up […]
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Forget About Cougars

I spend way too much time online, reading blogs and on Twitter.  And every day I must see about a dozen references to cougars.  They make me laugh, because that’s not really a category that’s relevant to me or anyone I know. I’m more worried about piranhas. I hope you’ll give me some leeway here […]
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