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OMG, I Think I Have a Date Tonight With…

Sometime, somewhere in the last few days I heard someone talking about dating a person from work.  Or maybe it was something I read.  Anyway, it made me think of this story. It was the last time I went out with a man from work, although I still cringe when I think of it as […]

I’m Not Saying It’s Bad Advice, I’m Just Saying…

Alright, I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Whether or not I wanted to go there. I might regret it, but fuck it. A while ago YourTango (a mag I like, this is not me beating up on YourTango or on anyone) posted a piece on where to meet good men. It was a […]

Catching My Breath

I went to bed early last night and stayed in bed until 10:30 this morning (early, for me, is midnight in case you were wondering). This is pretty damn noteworthy. I haven’t been sleeping much lately and that’s been an issue. I’ve been kinda grouchy and sad. I haven’t been sleeping because I’ve been stressed […]

We Interrupt This Story for a Short Story

I had lunch today with an old friend. One of the nicest (nice in this context does not in any way equal bland) guys I’ve ever met. It’s been months since we’ve seen each other and I guess that’s my fault. We’ve made plans a couple of times and each time something work or health […]
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The Things I Remember (A Memory of Naked Dating)

I’d forgotten all about this.  Probably because most of my memories from this relationship are not happy ones. Sometimes it’s just better to let go of sadness. Anyways, it was a few years ago.  I’d met this man who I liked quite a bit.  I didn’t think, from the start, that the relationship was going […]