Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

My Energy Needs a Sex Change

So, first a few quick facts. 1) I actually like online dating (this should not be news to anyone who’s read this blog more than 2 or 3 times). I think it’s an easy way to meet new guys. I don’t think it’s stressful, nor do I feel my self-esteem being battered away by the […]

Warts and All?

Warning: It’s been a few days/nights since I’ve slept. When I say I haven’t slept, I mean, I haven’t slept. Not, not well. Last night, since I was so sleep deprived, I stopped work at 7pm (really early for me) and went to bed at 10. I tossed and turned and listened to podcasts until about […]

It’s a Feeling (you stupid cow)

I had a strange weekend.  At first, it look like I’d overbooked myself with work, dates, family obligations, friends I wanted to see and things I wanted to do.  And then, Friday afternoon, I realized that a lot of the things on my calendar were non-essentials. The dates, for example.  I didn’t really want to […]

And Life Continues…

OK, let’s see if we can get this blog back on track.  I know that I’ve barely been blogging for the past week-ish. But, that’s all about to change. Promise. First off, let’s talk about the birthday non-bonanza. I decided that I wanted to slide into 40 quietly.  Without any big bang. That doesn’t mean […]

OK With Being Number 2 (Get your minds out of the gutter)

I was listening, recently, to a story of a married couple that seems to have everything.  Health, wealth, kids – the whole nine yards.  And they’re even pretty damn happy.  The only little issue mucking up their perfect world is that the husband works a lot.  And, in truth, his career will always come first. […]