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We Weren’t Close

So, it’s past noon and I’m taking a work break to blog something. As usual(for the past month-ish) I have a bunch of posts I started this weekend but couldn’t focus on enough to finish. It was Mother’s Day this weekend. And as I’ve mentioned before, my mother passed away a few years ago. Not […]

The Island of Misfit Posts

I don’t know how other bloggers work (work might be the wrong word here), but I tend to write most of my posts in advance. On “good” weeks I’ll bang out a bunch of posts during the weekend so that I don’t really have to worry about it during the week. Except for comments, which […]

What’s Going On?

But first a musical interlude. So what’s going on? Good question. I’ve been kinda quiet about my dating life lately. I actually have been on a few dates in recent weeks. Perfectly fine dates with perfectly fine guys. One was followed by days of texts. Texts that I was slow to reply to, because I hate […]

“All You Need Is Love”

Ok, I wanted to end the workweek with a fun quote/non-quote and a bit of music. And, btw, nice load of shite. Millions of people go their whole lives without romantic love. Our current (western) concept of love is, from a broad historical perspective, rather new. But I write about dating and relationships. I’m not […]

How far would you travel for potential love?

I’ll admit it, I’ve been sucking at the online dating thing lately. To be honest, I’ve just been overwhelmed with life, work and health stuff since the beginning of the month. I want to date. I just haven’t been making the time. Instead, I’ve been letting messages sit in my online dating inbox, unanswered. Which […]