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Sex, Lies and Linklove

I’ve been collecting a long list of posts/topics to write about. And each day the list just gets longer and longer. And… the truth is, I’m still working my ass off to get caught up on work/writing from when I wasn’t feeling well. So, I just don’t have the time/energy to blog as much as […]

Inappropriate Funk

So I’ve been in an inappropriate funk for the past few days. And I can’t seem to completely snap myself out of it. I’ve tried to stay laser focused on work. And that’s helped a bit. But there’s a sadness hiding behind the busy-ness. I found out, on facebook, that someone who used to be […]

One Person’s Issues…

I wasn’t going to post today. Honestly, my brain isn’t working. I’m working on it. Me, my doctor and my pharmacist. But I had a quick thought. A colleague called this morning with a work thing. I’m still working. That’s the thing about being a freelancer. No paid sick days. So I work around the […]

The 1%

I work hard. That’s not me bragging. That’s a fact. It’s who I am. I’ve always believed that if I wanted something, it was my responsibility to work my ass off and try for it. And if I failed… well, that was OK. Failure is a part of life. But there’s no excuse for not […]

Tastes like…

Some foods taste like my childhood (don’t worry, I’m not about to get all Proustian on you). I will forever be envious of people who grew up in ‘normal’ homes. With moms who cooked and families who ate dinner together. That was sooo not my experience. We ate a lot of fast food. And tv […]