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Someone to Hold My Hair When I Puke

Pretty image, I know. OK, somewhere in the mess of old posts (I’m still trying to get those under control, delete duplicates and clean up dead links/find the correct links – and yeah today was my deadline and YES I know that means I’m officially missing my deadline) is something I wrote a while ago […]


I had a pretty awesome post all thought out for today with a link and all kinds of astute observations about people and the strange ways we act.   But that’s going to have to wait, at least a day or two, maybe more.  Truth is, my health has gotten a little funky again and that […]
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I Am Not Superwoman

I’m not feeling to well today but this is something I really want to write and so I am going to do the best I can with it.  I have a problem that is probably one that a lot of my female readers can relate to.  I am frequently mistaken for Superwoman. I am strong.  […]
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I Think I Made A Big Mistake

It was Sunday night when I told Mr. Potential that I hid my online profile (and I was so impressed with how the conversation went).  He spent the night at my place and left early for work. It is now Wednesday afternoon.  We’ve been in touch by text and email since then, all very pleasant […]