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It’s a Matter of Taste

Have I ever mentioned how much I love brunch? I love brunch. Going out to brunch and also having friends over for brunch. I love the way people can just arrive when they arrive, and come and go over the course of the afternoon. Casual and mellow. Anyway, I had some friends over for brunch […]

He’s Kinky, She’s Vanilla – Is the Relationship Doomed? (with thanks to Em & Lo)

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that Em & Lo is one of my favorite sex, dating & relationships sites.  Well last week they ran this letter in their Your Call section. Dear Em & Lo, I recently started dating a wonderful man. He’s smart, and interesting, and handsome and the sex has been delightful. But […]

My "Blog Policy"

This is going to be one of those times when my bad memory gets the best of me.  So right off the bat I need to apologize because I have no clue whose blog I read this on.  If someone can remind me I will go back into the post and make the appropriate attributions.  […]

Making My Own Space

Last night, one of the many things I blathered about was the fact that I am constantly (re)negotiating what is on and off limits for me to write about. That might seem bizarre to some of you. It’s my blog. My rules. What’s the issue? This is a really big deal for me. How much […]
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