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It Could Be Worse

I’ve long been a fan of the site, My Very Worst Date.  It’s an excellent reminder that no matter how lame a date might be, it could always be worse. Recently there were a couple of entries that really spoke to me.  One was about a woman who was set up by a Matchmaker with […]
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WTF Reports – WTF?

So, as you all know, I’m currently using OKCupid.  It’s my second time around with this service.  The first time I tried it was a total waste of time.  But now, well, things seem to be going a little better (although the guy I went out with last Friday was a OKC guy).  I should […]
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How Much Is Too Much?

One of the hardest things for me, about dating, is figuring out what to tell men about myself and when.  Something that might sound like TMI on the 2nd date could be viewed as essential information a couple of months down the line (as in, how could you NOT tell me that?). I’ll admit to […]
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I’m Kinda a Bad Person, Part Deux

I don’t usually blog in the heat of the moment.  I did last night.  I was annoyed with myself and it was related to dating and I just did it without giving it much thought. And so before I dive into your wonderful comments (and thank you to everyone who took time to comment, both […]
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The Break Is Over

It’s Official.  My break from dating is over.  I have a date on Saturday with one of the guys I met on Plenty of Fish.  That was fast, I know.  But he’s good, really good. So far he’s done everything right.  His initial message mentioned something very specific and idiosyncratic in my profile, one of […]
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