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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – My NUMBER

Oh boy.  Where to start? OK, let’s start here – Only an idiot would ask a question that he didn’t really want to know the answer to.  And yet… Last week Tom Miller  wrote an amusing column on Sexual History and why a woman’s specific number doesn’t count. I’m not going to parse it here. […]


I was sitting down to write today’s post, had my topic all thought out, when something caught my eye on my tweetdeck.  The Frisky tweeted about a new post, The Worst Breakup Lines Ever. And since I was still finishing my coffee, I figured why not?  I’d take a few minutes to read it.  I […]
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I Can’t So I Won’t

My regular readers know that I’m a bit anal about this blog.  I tend to have posts written in advance and even have a little calendar where I plot out topics that I want to write about.  I guess this makes me a freak in the blogging world, especially amongst dating bloggers, but the truth […]
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I’m Looking For A Man

First let me admit than I’m a bit tipsy (I’m writing this Friday night, after my date, but setting it to post Saturday morning.  I do that a lot.  Write things the day before or days before.  It helps me with the whole posting every day thing.  There, now you know one of my secrets.).  […]
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Lists *sigh*

I get why people post lists.  They’re easy to write, don’t require much thought and they have a better liklihood of getting dugg or retweeted than a normal post.  They’re the pop songs of the blogger world. Here’s the thing about lists that I really hate – it’s a format that tends to breed laziness in writers.  […]
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