Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

Gloomy Monday

I love to read.  I think I’ve mentioned several times that I’d rather stay home and read than be on a date with someone I don’t like a lot. So why am I mentioning this now?  2 reasons: 1) To reiterate that I don’t actually enjoy dating.  In fact, I dislike it intensely. I’ve stated this many […]
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A Little Self Promotion (Just a Little)

Wow, thank you all for the amazing comments on yesterday’s posts. My inbox has been filling up all morning/afternoon. I’ll get around to answering your comments sometime later today (just as soon as I can – promise). I just wanted to take a minute for some shameless self promotion. Please take a minute, if you […]
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Gobble Gobble – HNT

I figured what better way to say thank you again (for my readers who happen to be interested in the female body, that is) than to participate in one of the newer Thanksgiving traditions – HNT. Hey, it’s Thursday. Check back tomorrow for a real post. Tags: half naked pics, thank you, thanksgiving
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Mishaps Happen and the Magic of 3

So I had to cancel my date tonight. I live in one of those wonderful old buildings in NYC that everything thinks is charming. And it is. Except that the plumbing is old, too, and several times a winter we are without heat and hot water for hours at a time. It was that way […]
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The Politics Of Thank You?

A quick thought for this morning. Last night’s 2nd date (he was last weekend’s coffee date) was pleasant enough. Nice guy: Sweet, smart, polite, interesting.  All the good things. He’s just so wishy-wishy.  Maybe he’s intimidated by me?  I’ve been told I can be a little intimidating.  Anyway, I can’t be attracted to a guy […]
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