Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

Who Knows?

I think I have a date tonight.  A first date.  I think.  This guy asked me out last week.  He’d originally asked me out for last Friday but I was busy.  So he suggested tonight and I said yes. We left the details open.  He said he’d be in touch. Guess what?  I haven’t heard […]
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New Year’s Eve Update

Just moments after I woke up this morning I received a text from Mr. Potential, “Honey, I’m home.”  (He flew home on the red eye.)  I thought it was funny on many levels.  I sent him a “Welcome home” reply. I’m only working until mid-afternoon today.  Then, the plan is, I’m going straight to Mr. […]
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I Said the Word

I’m doing yet another short term gig.  Just started last week. We’re on skeleton crew this week, which I kinda like.  No one really knows me here, which I kinda like. I was sitting at my desk actually doing a tiny bit of work when my phone made the loud bling sound it makes when […]
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Is This The Good Part? I Can’t Remember

I had to head out of town yesterday, just a couple of hours after Mr. Potential left my apartment. We texted during the day yesterday (after he woke up from a several hour, much deserved, nap) and then again today. Today he asked , via text, if he would see me later this week and […]
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The Weekend is Over

I’m not quite sure I have anything new to report. Mr. Potential sent me a very sweet email yesterday morning, to which I replied, and an even sweeter text today(and then we texted back and forth for a while). Yet, we don’t have plans to see each other again and I have to say that […]
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