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Mass Text = Despair

First, let me explain that title. I was tired of work and wanted to take a few minutes to finish up this post (I’d started it this weekend). But I needed help. And so I turned to my twitter friends. @SimoneGrant Help! My brain is tired… What’s it called when you send a text to […]

What’s Going On?

But first a musical interlude. So what’s going on? Good question. I’ve been kinda quiet about my dating life lately. I actually have been on a few dates in recent weeks. Perfectly fine dates with perfectly fine guys. One was followed by days of texts. Texts that I was slow to reply to, because I hate […]

Probably Not the Smartest Thing to Include in a Text (to a Girl)

It’s a rainy Monday morning, hence the perfect time to kvetch. I’ve written (many times) before about how much I hate dating by text. Most recently here. If a guy isn’t into long chats on the phone, that’s cool with me because neither am I. In fact, it’s kind of an issue when a guy […]

The Crazy Bitch in the Mirror

I’ll admit it. I’ve been that crazy girlfriend. You know, the one who calls and leaves a few too many voicemails (and texts and emails). Who asks, in a peak of frenzy, “why haven’t you called me back” in her 10th message of the day. The batshit crazy girlfriend, like the one we all laughed […]
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Seriously, hahahaha

The above was a text I sent recently.  It was meant to be derisive in tone, although I don’t know if that came across. Here’s the back story:  I have actually exchanged a couple of emails with M in the last few weeks.  A couple.  They were short and unpleasant and I didn’t think they […]
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