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The People Who Believe Win, The Skeptics Lose

So now that I’m feeling better (hooray for feeling better) I’m trying to get out and resume a life. You  know, see people, do stuff. Yesterday I even went out to the movies (Captain America, it didn’t suck). I decided to walk part of the way home, as I’d eaten way too much (ok, after […]

Because Sometimes Love is Just a Matter of Luck…

I officially suck at coming up with titles and catch-phrases. Anyone who reads this blog on a somewhat regular basis already knows this. It’s just not something I have a knack for. And (probably) because of that I am uber-appreciative of people who ARE good at it. So I kinda swooned when I first watched […]

Our Very Own Man Show

Tonight’s the 3rd week of the Single Edition Radio Show. I just listened to last week’s show and I’m still kinda horrified at how I sound, but I have to admit that we don’t suck.  And with a little more practice, I think we’re going to get the hang of this thing. So here are […]

As a matter of fact, I do think online dating “works” (again)

Two quick stories. Story 1 I was at a party this weekend and amongst the guests were some fairly prolific daters, even a guy or two who might put me to shame.  Someone, one of the guys, brought up the topic of online dating.  He hadn’t done much of it and was a skeptic. He […]

Saturdays Off?

Observant readers might have noticed I’ve taken the last couple of Saturdays off.  This is not a new tradition for me. At least, that’s not the plan. Truth is, I hurt my hand a few weeks ago.  My right hand (and yeah, I’m right handed).  I’m still waiting for the doctors appt I made the […]