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Heaven Knows I’m Not Miserable Now

Yesterday. I was sitting on my sofa reading. And then I got up to get something to drink. I paused as I walked back to my seat. It was the middle of the afternoon and pale winter sunlight was streaming in. Something about the quality of the light made me stop and really look around. […]

Quick Thoughts on “Good on Paper”

Good on paper. It’s a phrase I’ve used dozens of times. And I’ve always assumed that you all know what I mean. It’s just one of those things. But let’s parse it for a quick second. Good on paper means if you were to make a list of this person’s attributes s/he would look impressive. […]

Rethinking Success. And then Rethinking, Again.

So I was doing an interview, recently. An email interview, where I was sent a series a questions and asked to please answer some of them. In general, I like this kind of interview and use them myself. It’s low-pressure and the person you’re interviewing can just pass on whatever questions s/he is not interested […]


A quick word on my meaning of successful.  Last night, as I was drifting off, I realized that I’ve used that word to describe a lot of the guys I go out with. When I say a guy is successful, I’m not talking about money. Sure, over the years, I’ve dated some guys who were […]
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