Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

The Short Answer

It’s funny, I’m always so afraid to write the same stuff over and over, for fear of being repetitive. Well, I am repetitive. The subject matter I cover here on this blog is pretty narrow.  I try not to be too repetitive. Anyway, twice in the last week I’ve been specifically asked to talk about […]

The Things I Remember (A Memory of Naked Dating)

I’d forgotten all about this.  Probably because most of my memories from this relationship are not happy ones. Sometimes it’s just better to let go of sadness. Anyways, it was a few years ago.  I’d met this man who I liked quite a bit.  I didn’t think, from the start, that the relationship was going […]

I Could’ve Predicted It

I gotta stop second guessing myself. I know why I’m doing it – years of failed relationships, a sense that my traditional “type” is actually really bad for me, this nagging sense that if I just do things differently than I normally would then maybe I’d get different results.  All good reasons.  But it’s leading […]
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Location, Location, Location

So there was this one guy who I actually found more than just a little bit interesting/attractive on  He definitely stood out from the rest of the crowd.  But of course there was one thing tragically wrong with him.  He lives in the suburbs, about an hour away from the city by train. Still, I […]