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Sometimes, “I’m Sorry”, Isn’t Enough

I’m sorry. Two little words. I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, those 2 little words can sometimes feel like the most important words in the world. That’s right, more important that, I love you. Note: I don’t put much stock in ‘I love you’. But that’s for another day. When someone I […]

They Are the Real Truth

So yesterday I was replying to comments and I wrote something that was probably more true and important than anything in the post itself: I would never dream of making someone else completely responsible for my happiness, or my emotional well-being. There are things that our partners do to alter our happiness and stability, our […]

Two Little Words

There have been a couple of stories in the news recently about public figures who’ve apologized for things they’ve said and done in the past.  I’m not going to get into who or what (I don’t DO celebrity gossip or current events, presidential elections excluded.).  I find these types of stories fascinating.  I think they speak […]
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Things You Don’t Want to Hear In Bed

I had a rather ambitious to do list for yesterday.  It was jam packed with things to do, things to write, things to read.  So, of course, I got less than 1/5 of it all done.  I got sidetracked early in the day when I made the mistake of taking a “few minutes” to surf […]