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My Gift to You – Best Breakup Songs (Finally!)

Happy Belated Chrismukkah. Does anyone remember waaay back in February when I had that, “Valentine’s Day is OVER” Giveaway contest and everyone wrote in with their favorite breakup song(s)? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Well, I promised to create a playlist with everyone’s fabulous contest entries. It’s 10 months late, but I finally got around […]

That Teenage Feeling

Not a real post today. Doing the whole holiday weekend/day off thing. I was riding the train home from Thanksgiving dinner last night and this song came on. It’s been a long-time fave. For whatever reason, I decided I wanted to share. Tags: holidays, song
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This Song is Ruined for Me

I’m an applefangirl and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I love my iphone just a bit more than I hate it. I love the fact that the other night a friend fixed my fucked up living room shelves by downloading an iphone app to act as a level. I love the fact that I […]

The Sunday Boy

So I’ve been seeing someone. But there’s absolutely no chance of this turning into a serious thing. None. I’m not sad about. I’m not sure I have any specific feelings about it. It’s just a Sunday thing.  He’s my Sunday Boy.  Note: Ever since I started to think of him this way, I cannot get […]

My Ex-Lover is Dead

I didn’t need the whole week. Yesterday morning I woke up and knew. As much as I wanted to make things work with M, I couldn’t. M was saying all the right things, but nothing had actually changed. And I was never going to be willing to settle for what he had to offer. Never. […]