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Nina is too Cool to be the Song of the Day

I just updated the Song of the Day. It’s Nina Simone singing I’ve Got No/I’ve Got Life.  I’m thinking I’m not the only one who needs to hear this right now.  Over and over.  And over.  And sing along.  I’m probably going to keep it up for a couple of days, at least.  Nina is […]
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Crisis Averted

OK, so I’m willing to admit that there never was a real crisis.  I only thought there was.  I was feeling vulnerable and sad and I let my imagination get the best of me. It happens. But, you know, I wasn’t always like this.  I’m pretty sure I used be pretty mellow about this kind […]
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I try to politely let guys down when I’m not interested in them. I think it’s kind of rude to just stop answering emails or to not return phone calls. There are times when this policy falls by the wayside. If someone’s been rude or nasty to me, or just unpleasant, well, I might be […]
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A Little Self Promotion (Just a Little)

Wow, thank you all for the amazing comments on yesterday’s posts. My inbox has been filling up all morning/afternoon. I’ll get around to answering your comments sometime later today (just as soon as I can – promise). I just wanted to take a minute for some shameless self promotion. Please take a minute, if you […]
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And What a Good Morning It is

Good Morning Everyone. Yes, Mr. Potential spent the night. I’ve been sitting here, drinking my coffee, trying to figure out exactly how much I want to tell you all about last night.  We’re in new territory here (for this blog). I’ve never been the kind of girl to give my friends the gory details, and […]