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Look Your Best – Dating Headshots

I’ve been thinking a lot about dating lately. As in, dating again. As I mentioned last week, I miss dating. And now that I’ve moved and I’m starting to feel better, I’m starting to get myself ready to get back into the game. For me, that means exercising, so that I can feel better about […]

What Do You Find Attractive in a Man/Woman?

It’s official -> I’m odd. Yeah, yeah, yeah, no surprise there. I’m odd and in more ways than I can probably count.  Here’s today’s example: I was walking with a couple of female friends when they both slowed down to notice a guy a few yards away.  A guy they both thought was very attractive. […]

Looks Are Pass/Fail

As I mentioned, one of my recent dates was with a younger guy (8 years younger, to be exact).  I will admit to being uncomfortable with this, but I’m trying to be open-minded and get over it because I had fun on our date (and we’re going out again tonight). At some point on our […]

6 Quick Pick-Me-Ups for the Glum Gal

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  Well, my good friend Tom Miller aka Tomfoolery wrote a post the other day called 6 Quick Pick-Me-Ups for the Glum Guy and I’ve decided to flatter him in the sincerest way possible. His 6 things were all non-sexual, btw, and so I’m going to […]
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A Smile To Start Your Day

OK, well, for starters I’m running late and so your day probably started a few hours ago if you’re on the East Coast.  But I meant well. I’m pretty sure I haven’t done a post on this, um, topic before.  I used my little internal search thingy to see if I had and nothing came […]