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Still Single, for Now

The other day I was talking to my dad (actually, I went to visit him and so speaking with him in person…) and he said that after I left he’d call all of my aunt’s and tell them that I was doing well. The normal stuff. I don’t know why, but suddenly I felt defensive. […]

Are You Satisfied?

I was thinking some more about Mr. Newlywed’s Story.  Mr. Newlywed says he’s happy.  In his words, “I love my wife. We will be together forever, have a house and kids and be very happy.”  He does not say he’s miserable or even unhappy, although he makes it clear that sexually he’s not at all […]


I was brave this weekend.  I walked into a party, by myself, knowing that I probably wouldn’t know a single person there. I was invited by someone I’d been trying to connect with for ages (she was the host). But other than her, someone I’d never actually met, I had no idea who might be […]


I’m afraid of a lot of things. Heights.  I love the view from a friend’s rooftop.  Sometimes in the summer we’ll go up to his roof at night and eat italian ices and look out over at the city lights.  No matter what we end up talking about those conversations are always special.  I just […]
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Give Peace a Chance

I’ve been totally loving a series that Sirens Magazine is doing called Peace Talks: Single-Married Relations. LOVING it. I love the no-nonsense, no-drama approach they took. Of course, this is an issue that I find particularly compelling because it’s kind of a taboo, in it’s own special way.  My closest friends are mostly married, or […]
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