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How Many Alcoholic Drinks Do You Have On a Single Date?

This week’s poll is stolen, verbatim, from Glamour’s Smitten column. Yep, I’m that shameless. Seriously, I just thought it was an awesome idea for a poll and I wanted to use it.  Giving them full credit for the idea, of course. I’ve written, many times, about the fact that I’m a total lightweight. I don’t […]

Live the Life You Love Giveaway, Part 2

Next Tuesday, October 12th, is Part 2 of the Live the Life You Love series, co-sponsored by Single Edition and Hurry-Date at the Samsung Experience. Why should you care? Well, for one, it should be awesome. AND, one of my lucky readers gets to go for free! I’m excited about the program: Carolyn Kelly North: “Dump the Slumps! […]

Live the Life You Love Giveaway

Are you a single woman in the NYC area? If yes, then you’ll definitely want to enter this contest. One lucky reader will win a free ticket to the Live the Life You Love event on Tuesday, September 21st, co-sponsored by Single Edition and Hurry-Date at the Samsung Experience. This is the first of a […]

When Independence Sucks

The last couple of weeks have been hard for me.  Physically.  I haven’t been feeling well and when that happens, well everything else falls apart. My apartment looks like a bomb hit it.  And my life feels completely upside down. So many things that I should have done, need to do, want to do. But […]

Speak For Yourself, Revisited

The other day I posted a really great comment thread and used it as the jumping off point for a post about being comfortable/happy being alone but still wanting a romantic partner.  If you haven’t read it yet, you should. There was a second theme in that thread (“toxic friendships and letting other people’s negative […]