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Vive la Difference. But are we really that different?

I’m trying to get better about using Facebook. I know that there are many (strange) people who actually prefer it to twitter, or who don’t (gasp) use twitter. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a twitterholic. I came late to FB. In fact, I started to use it about a year after I […]


I was brave this weekend.  I walked into a party, by myself, knowing that I probably wouldn’t know a single person there. I was invited by someone I’d been trying to connect with for ages (she was the host). But other than her, someone I’d never actually met, I had no idea who might be […]

What About Us?

Sometimes I read stuff that I really want to comment on, but it takes me a few days to figure out exactly what I want to say. And then there are other times when I read something so smart, so important that I realize I have nothing really substantive to add.  This is one of […]
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And Then There Were None

A friend of mine got married last weekend.  I’m very happy for her.  Very happy.  I’m saying this without a trace of cynicism or jealousy.  She’s completely in love with the guy and he’s completely in love with her and I think they’ll be very happy together. There is little part of me, though, that […]
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Reality Check

Yeah, I watched Sex in the City.  Not first run, ’cause I don’t have cable, but in reruns.    One of the episodes that made an impression on me is when Carrie was hired to teach a Learning Annex class on where to meet men.  Hundreds of women show up, and of course she has […]