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Single Women are Deviants

Like many of you, I’m sure, I’ve been so caught up in what’s going on in Japan and Libya that it’s been hard to pay much attention to domestic dramas this week.  But late last night I was bopping around the web, and this story caught my eye (how could it not). Unmarried: The Tempest […]

Thought I’d Share

I know that (some of) my long-term readers are tired of hearing me vent about this. But it’s a topic that other people keep bringing up. I’d be perfectly happy to let it die. Really. Before I go on, and just for clarity, here is how I feel about marriage and the whole, “this is […]

My New Least Favorite Word: “Settle”

I feel like I’ve been down this road a thousand times, and each time I get a little more pissed off. It’s Thursday afternoon, and I’m supposed to be taking a little break now. Walking around the block or something. Maybe even washing my hair, so that when I go out tonight (dinner with an […]

Thoughts on a Lazy Saturday Morning

I’ve been sitting on my thoughts, thinking about what I would post in the future, when the kinks here at my new home were all worked out.  But dammit.  I have lots of shit to do today and I don’t want to wait anymore.  If it turns out that this transtion continues to take longer […]

Who can you count on?

Here’s a bad but useful simile for you.  My single-ness is like a chronic health condition. I’ve been suffering from it for years, and sometimes it goes away for a stretch, weeks or months, when I’m in a relationship. It just always seems to come back.  I long for the day when I can kick […]
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