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On Your Own

This week’s Single Edition Radio Show was another fun one. Sherri and I had 2 awesome guests: Melissa Braverman aka SingleGal in the City and Jennifer Kelton, Founder and CEO of The theme of the week was travel, and more specifically, traveling SOLO. We all had LOTS to say about it, as all 4 of […]
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Bloggers + Wine – What Could Go Wrong?

So, remember when I mentioned my new Radio Show? Well, we’ve survived the first few weeks without any major glitches. Minor glitches a plenty, but no major glitches. Last week’s show featured KB in NYC, Skye Blue from Met Another Frog and Jack from Brooklyn discussing love, sex, dating and technical difficulties (lots of technical difficulties). I […]

Our Very Own Man Show

Tonight’s the 3rd week of the Single Edition Radio Show. I just listened to last week’s show and I’m still kinda horrified at how I sound, but I have to admit that we don’t suck.  And with a little more practice, I think we’re going to get the hang of this thing. So here are […]