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Speaking of Sex Toys…

Seriously, these things just show up in my inbox. And this was just too, wow, not to share. My longtime readers know I’m a total data geek. So much fun info: 20% of adults report indulging in kinky play; 20% of men report using vibrators; Alaska buys the most sex toys per capita…  Sarah Palin […]

Take this Sex Toy and Shove it!

I get a lot of, um, interesting things in my inbox. Like you wouldn’t believe. I try to stay on top of it all (it is a lot, and I’ve learned that sometimes it’s hard to quickly tell the wheat from the chaff) but mostly I fail. Anyway, one of the more random things that […]

Nothing Risque, Nothing Gained

I’ve been a big fan of the site Toy With Me for a while now, so I jumped at the chance to do a site review* for them. Like the name suggests, they do sex toy reviews on high end sex toys (like the LELO NEA). I like the reviews and as someone who’s shelled out […]
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Debunking Myths – 2 at a Time

Not too long ago I wrote a post about sex myths, or rather, about articles that claimed to debunk commonly held sex myths.  Now here I am attempting to do some debunking of my own. Yesterday I read a couple of things that seemed to be predicated upon common misperceptions of what women do or […]
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