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My New Least Favorite Word: “Settle”

I feel like I’ve been down this road a thousand times, and each time I get a little more pissed off. It’s Thursday afternoon, and I’m supposed to be taking a little break now. Walking around the block or something. Maybe even washing my hair, so that when I go out tonight (dinner with an […]

The Power of Language

I’ve been unusually mum about the whole Marry Him drama.  There’s one main reason for this.  I haven’t read the damn book, yet. I’ve been insanely busy lately and truthfully, if I were going to make time to read (which sadly I haven’t had time to do in weeks) I would read something for pleasure. […]

How Am I Supposed To Answer That?

So I was exchanging emails with a friend I hardly ever see.  It’s not because she lives far away.  She doesn’t.  She’s right here in the city.  But like so many of my old friends (READ-people I’ve known since my 20s) she’s married and works a gazillion hours a week and so we really don’t […]
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Beauty and the Beast

I was reading this post in Lemondrop called Men Agree on What’s Attractive, Women Don’t (don’t ask me why, I skim through all kinds of nonsense in an average day).  It seems that there’s lots of consensus among men about what they find attractive but not so much among women. OK. I’ll buy that. Anyway, […]
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But I Don’t Care

I’m going to get so much shit for writing this, but I don’t care.  It’s true and it’s what I’m thinking now and I don’t even think it’s all that mean or controversial.  But if I hurt anyone’s feelings then let me say, “sorry”, in advance. I had the opportunity to catch up with one […]