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Dateable Redux

Humor me for a moment:  please click here Seinfeld: “Elaine, what percentage of people would you say are good-looking?” Julia Louis-Dreyfus: “Twenty-five percent?” Seinfeld: “Twenty-five percent?” Louis-Dreyfus: “Um-hmm.” Seinfeld: “No way! It’s like four-to-six percent. It’s a 20-to-1 shot.” Louis-Dreyfus: “You’re way off.” Seinfeld: “Way off?” Louis-Dreyfus: “Yeah.” Seinfeld: “Have you been to the motor […]


Happy Singles’ Week everyone.  I hope you all found the time, yesterday, to check out Kimberly Dawn Neumann’s guest post on That Happened to Me. Today’s my day to guest post on Singlutionary.  Please stop by and visit. Here’s a completely random tangent:  Over the weekend I overheard something that made me think of the […]

But You’re A Cashier

There’s this Seinfeld episode where Jerry gets dumped by his girlfriend after she goes to see his act and doesn’t think he’s funny.  She tells him that she can’t date anyone who’s work she doesn’t respect.  His response is, “but you’re a cashier”.  I think the funniest line in the episode is his reply, “but you’re a […]