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SATC2 – Sorry, No

First some things, all of which have been mentioned before, but I think they’re worth repeating: I didn’t watch the original SATC series when it first came out.  Honestly, I don’t have cable TV. Don’t watch much TV. I don’t think this makes me an intellectual or superior in any way. If anything, I’m sure […]

"Before I Had a Life"

My insomnia has been out of control lately.  I’m sure it’s a sign that I should be doing something (everything) differently, but in the meantime I cope with late night reading, TV and hulu. Which brings me to last night and the fact that I was watching Sex and the City.  It’s never been one […]
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Last Single Girl Standing

So, the other day I got a lovely message from a reader.  In the message he said that he found it odd that I never mentioned any female friends in my posts.  It wasn’t a criticism.  He was just remarking on it. Well, it got me to thinking.  I know I mention friends sometimes, and […]

I Am Not the Real Carrie Bradshaw

Sometimes my readers choose to send me private messages, rather than make public comments.  And I love getting them as much as I love it when people comment. A while ago I got a lovely message from a reader telling me how much she liked the blog, and in her message she said that I […]

My Half Naked Pic

For a while now I’ve been been trying to decide what this blog should look like. I was pretty clueless when I started it.  I read a bunch of blogs, but I was so focussed on what they said, the writing, that it didn’t occur to me that they had a bunch of different layouts […]
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