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The Grinch

Just go ahead and call me the Grinch.  That’s the way I feel when it comes to Valentine’s Day. This isn’t about being single or not having a Valentine.  For all I know things are going to go amazingly well with The Musician this weekend and then we’ll see each other several times over next week […]
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Dr. Phil is a Dickhead but He’s Not Always Wrong

So I’ve had this phrase/thought floating around my head for the last few days.  I don’t know if I read it in someones blog or what.  Early senility sucks. I wanted to write about it but I had to attribute it to someone so I googled it.  It popped up in a lot of places, […]


A while back I read an article, or maybe it was a blog post, that said that men married the woman they were with when they were ready to get married.  I don’t think I blogged about it at the time.  Maybe I did. Anyway, it’s a concept I’ve been thinking a lot about. That […]
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