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The Top 10 Posts of 2011

Wow, am I late with this! Record setting late. I’ve been so busy catching up on work and life that I’ve been slacking off on the blog. I’ll try to do better. That’s all any of us can really do. Try. So, in case you’re interested, here’s how I put this list together. I go […]
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Vaginas Got Its Issues

The title of today’s post is a quote from comedian Carol Leifer, said during the WTF podcast (one of my faves, yes I have lots of favorite podcasts). She’s a hysterically funny and accomplished woman. And, like many women of her generation, she started out having relationships with men (including a marriage) and then ‘switched teams.’ […]

What a Mess

Allow me to start today’s post with an embarrassing admission – as a person who’s been living alone for years, without a dishwasher, I sometimes leave dirty dishes in my sink overnight. Sometimes for more than one night. OK, frequently for more than a night. I know, gross. I scrape off the food and rinse […]


Every once in a while people will ask me how long I’ve been doing this blog thing and I have to stop and think. Hell, it’s been a while now. Since the summer of ’08. But sometimes it feels like I just started a couple of months ago. So, here’s a little flashback, for the […]

The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Love

All kinds of things bounce around twitter. Quotes from famous people. Social media stats. Links to videos. And sometimes, random shit about love. Speaking of random shit about love, here’s a doozy: This was bouncing around a while ago. I grabbed it in a screenshot, knowing I’d want to write about it, sooner or later. […]