Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

Top 3 Things I Learned In Dating Bootcamp (for real)

I’ve been having some fun, both here and on Twitter, poking fun at the Dating Bootcamp I attended for the past two weeks. I’m still a little shocked I was invited to attend.  I mean, I get they wanted dating bloggers but I am so totally opposed to the whole dating advice industry that I […]

Ten Reasons Why I Love Men

A while ago I was hanging out with two of my dearest female friends (who happen to be lesbians).  We were talking about the recent demise of my latest relationship, one that had seemed promising and then suddenly turned into a big pile of shit. And I said, “it would be so much easier if […]

Comfortable Isn’t Always Good

So, I got fired today.  Well not fired.  Laid off.  Told that because there really isn’t that much work for my department to do (which is absolutely true, there have been days when I’ve had no actual work assigned to me) that they’ll have to be letting me go.  They were very, very nice about […]

How Many Times Can I Be Wrong (and still keep going)?

The first time I fell in love was in my early 20s.  I was a seriously cynical chick back then.  I’d seen more than my fair share of sadness and heartache with a little bit of premature death thrown in for good measure and was fairly certain that I’d never live past 30.  I was […]

All I Wanted 4 Xmas

I wrote this post about a month ago, right around the time when everyone was trying to digest their Thanksgiving dinners.  I thought it might be interesting to dig it up and repost. Dear Santa Nov27 I am so not into the holidays. Not Thanksgiving or Xmas/Hanukkah (same difference). And I’m perfectly happy to forgo […]
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