Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

My New Least Favorite Word: “Settle”

I feel like I’ve been down this road a thousand times, and each time I get a little more pissed off. It’s Thursday afternoon, and I’m supposed to be taking a little break now. Walking around the block or something. Maybe even washing my hair, so that when I go out tonight (dinner with an […]

Sometimes, “I’m Sorry”, Isn’t Enough

I’m sorry. Two little words. I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, those 2 little words can sometimes feel like the most important words in the world. That’s right, more important that, I love you. Note: I don’t put much stock in ‘I love you’. But that’s for another day. When someone I […]

Sex Matters. A LOT!

I couldn’t sleep. Nothing new there. Hours had passed since I’d gone to bed during which time I’d listened to several podcasts (it’s what I usually do when I can’t sleep). At some point I got tired of podcasts and decided to get up and turn on the computer. And, of course, I checked twitter. […]

Speaking of Lies

But first, just to state the obvious, I’m a woman. A heterosexual woman. And so my dating and relationship experiences are all with guys. So when I tell a story (and talk unfavorably about a specific thing some guy did), I am not implying that only men are guilty of a type of behavior. And […]

Teen Love

Teen love… I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday. I can’t get Saturday Boy out of my head. I never experienced it. That wasn’t the hand I was dealt. I’ve been thinking lately about the fact that I really did come to this whole love and relationship thing pretty late in life. I dated as an […]