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Imperfect Victims

I’m feeling much better this week. Almost human. Hopefully, that means I’ll get back into the flow of blogging. Hopefully. I’ve been thinking, for the past few days, about the whole DSK mess. And about this post I read in GOOD about the case and the Myth of the Perfect Victim. There are lots of […]

The Island of Misfit Posts

I don’t know how other bloggers work (work might be the wrong word here), but I tend to write most of my posts in advance. On “good” weeks I’ll bang out a bunch of posts during the weekend so that I don’t really have to worry about it during the week. Except for comments, which […]

ceci n’est pas une post

You either get the joke or you don’t. Anyway… This is not a post about dating, or relationships, or being single or about any of the things I usually write about. In fact, it’s not really a post at all. It’s really just an explanation of what happened to today’s post. The dog ate my […]

Spreading the Fun

I’m off enjoying the long weekend.  I plan on returning tomorrow with a real post.  In the meantime, here’s a random collection of sites that made me smile this week. Love Me Knot She’s Not Dating Kat Wilder Bridget Jones Has Nothing on me Kate’s Random Musings Tags: post
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Not Your Ordinary Run of the Mill Crush

I’m starting to really lurve Thursdays.  This week’s guest post comes from @bethm411. Beth blogs at Midwestern Girl dating in her  *yipes* 30’s. Not Your Ordinary Run of the Mill Crush In November 2009, I went out to drinks with one of my best friends, Marcy, for her birthday.  She invited a few colleagues, none that […]