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Dropping Fruit

I just got in from a late supper with Lostplum.  We were good tonight – burgers and fries but no booze so that we could both go home afterwards and get some work done. Earlier in the evening we attended the third session of Dating Bootcamp.   Tonight’s theme was, “How to Get a Guy” and […]
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I Am Officially Too Old For Games

I am officially too old for games. Really.  I am.  This isn’t a chronological thing.  It’s a state of mind.  And my mind is made up.  I. AM TOO. DAMN. OLD. FOR GAMES. I know there are people who think that dating is really one big game.  And that in this game there are winners […]
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Go Outside

My brain is a bit like a slot machine.  I have all of these random, moving parts in there and every once in a while they all line up and bingo, fruit – fruit – fruit, we have a match.  I have a coherent thought made from three otherwise disparate bits of information (hey, either […]

SO Moving On

So I’m tired of this whole thing already. Really tired. I don’t watch much television and didn’t even know there was such a thing as a person calling themselves a ‘pick up artist‘ until I joined the blogosphere. At first I thought it was all hysterical, then sad, then hysterical again. Now I’m just bored […]
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