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Pick Up in Aisle 6

Last night I made a quick stop in the market for coffee and coffee filters  They keep the coffee filters I like (unbleached) on a high shelf and I can’t reach them.  So I stood nearby for a few minutes until somebody tall was near enough for me to ask for help.  And sure enough, […]

7 Things I Think Are More Important Than Game

Earlier this week I was having a conversation with a couple of my female friends about guys and game.  The gist of the conversation was this – if a guy really has no confidence/can’t talk to girls AT ALL and he feels that, for whatever reason, spending lots of money on one of those “skills […]

Pretty Day, Ugly Thoughts Redux

Damn, I’m in an unusually ponderous mood.  I blame the weather. I’ve been trying for days to wrap up my thoughts on this with a nice little bow.  I thought I should because it’s an issue I’ve raised many times before, and now it’s so very timely.  The “it” in that sentence being the relationship […]

It’s Game Time

I’m just full of surprises.  This week we have a second/bonus guest post from Blair Hickman (a chick, it’s shocking), one of my buddies over at Ignighter. Frequent readers of this blog should be amused by the topic. “At Avenue this weekend, one of those lounges without a name on the door that coddles mainly […]
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On Second Thought

I know I promised I’d write something about What We Learned When We Infiltrated a “Pickup Artist” Seminar (if you haven’t read it yet, you should) that appeared in Lemondrop last week.  But, on second thought, I’ve decided not to. I’m probably one of the least appropriate people to comment on it.  First of all, […]
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