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Bachelor #1

Happy Thursday folks.  Hope you’re all enjoying your day so far. If not, hopefully this will perk you up.  I have a story from a new-ish, fun blog – Dates With Kate. You should check it out. Bachelor #1 Officially this was Bachelor #1. I was not at all feeling comfortable being back in the […]

News/Not News

Is it news to say that I didn’t see Sunday Boy on Sunday? I was feeling, after our last “date” (so not a date), that we might not see each other again.  Our convenient situation was starting to feel wrong. For many reasons: I am now 97% sure he’s read this blog and what I’ve […]


Stories are shaped by the way we tell them. There are the facts, and then the way we present the facts. Our attitudes and prejudices. I could tell this story a few different ways,  each with it’s own spin. I’m not sure which would be right.  Instead I’ll just try to throw it all out […]

The Sound of Ugly

I meet the vast majority of the men I date on online dating sites. And unlike many of my fellow online daters, I don’t always talk with guys on the phone before making plans to meet them in person.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  First, I just don’t think you can learn […]
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And Away We Go

Last night was my first first date in a while.  Maybe two months (I’m not exactly sure of that, I guess I could check back through the blog archives but what would be the point of that?).  I was thinking about it as I was getting ready to go out last night and it seemed […]
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