Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

Some Lipstick Would Help

A couple of days ago I found myself accidently flirting with a man in the drugstore. I hadn’t planned it. Seriously. If I had, I would’ve been dressed better and wearing some make-up.  Lipstick at the very least. But no, I’d just wandered in on my way home from a lunch meeting.  An informal lunch […]

Too Big, Too Little or Just Right

I’m petite aka short.  Not just a little short.  I’m the kind of short that requires me to get just about everything I buy hemmed, including petite sized pants. Which is not a big deal, really.  When I was younger I hated my height.  Wanted to be taller.  I don’t know too many American women […]
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The Quickest Way to My Heart

I love food. It’s pathetic how much I love food. I always tell guys this up front.  Every online dating profile I’ve ever written mentions my love of food.  And the last time I met a guy out in the live world, just out and about, it was on line at one of my favorite […]
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