Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

I’d Rather Be Safe

There’s this guy I’ve been meaning to meet for a couple of weeks. I would have gotten together with him last weekend, but I wasn’t feeling well. Anyway, we’re trying to set plans for next week.  And he keeps suggesting that we take a ride out to the beach. And since NYC is in the […]

Speak For Yourself

This is a post that started in the comment thread a couple of posts ago.  I asked the readers/commenters if it was OK for me to move the conversation here. And here we are: anny says: your birthday day sounded lovely! looking forward to your dating updates! just got back online myself… big sigh…online dating […]

You Winked?

I’m back in the game again.  Well, not completely.  I dipped a toe in last week, taking the time to sort through my inbox and do a quick search to see if anyone interesting popped up. And sure enough, amongst the messages (many of which were the typical, “you’re cute” which I usually just ignore) […]

Seek and Ye Shall Find

So here’s a funny thought (ok, maybe it’s not so funny): When it comes to dating, we see what we want to see and we find what we’re looking for. No, I’m not trying to be profound.  Just pointing out that when I meet someone new (in whatever circumstance – online, at a party..) and […]

I’m Just Not Made That Way

I have some very complicated views on life and dating.  Well that’s a lie.  The truth is, I don’t believe in much. Which is complicated. I believe that life isn’t fair. That bad things happen to good people. And sometimes the line between right and wrong can get a little blurry. Some people might define […]