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I Can Be a Sucker Sometimes, Too

So I didn’t have any dates this past weekend, which left me free to catch up with friends, do some extra writing and finish that great book I’ve been reading.  Yeah, right.  I did do some extra writing, but I also watched some absolutely awful things on television.  The type of stuff I usually read […]
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Ours Is Not To Reason Why

I think I have a pretty healthy attitude about online dating.  I try not to take it too seriously.  Try not to spend much time wondering why certain men write and others don’t.  As I wrote long ago, in Online Dating Survival – Lesson #1, I really don’t think that stuff has much to do […]
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And Away We Go

Last night was my first first date in a while.  Maybe two months (I’m not exactly sure of that, I guess I could check back through the blog archives but what would be the point of that?).  I was thinking about it as I was getting ready to go out last night and it seemed […]
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Better Safe than Sorry

A few years ago I had something pretty scary happen.  I went out with some guy I met online (a few times, maybe 2 or 3) and I decided I didn’t want to see him anymore.  The next time he called me for a date I told him that I wasn’t interested in seeing him […]

Red Flags (not in a good way)

Let’s be honest, so much of online dating is about figuring out who you don’t want to meet.  Looking for the little red flags that say, this guy might seem attractive, smart, imaginative and all that good stuff but something just isn’t right.  Avoid him.  If you consistently miss those red flags then you end […]
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