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7 Things I Love About Online Dating

Online dating has a bad reputation.  A really, really bad reputation. Recently, one of my readers mentioned to me (he was being very nice about it, and I’m not mocking him or taking that comment negatively) that perhaps I shouldn’t be wasting my time with online dating.  That I should be using my energy to […]
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Dude, Don’t Be Such a Wuss

One of the first things I saw on Twitter yesterday was this, “Brooklyn sues for inflicting humiliation on singles “who feel rejected when their e-mails get no reply.””  from @damiella. The link is to a NYPost article about a guy who’s suing  I thought it was hysterical and immediately retweeted it and […]
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Can I Have a Different Reward?

I was a in a lousy mood today (totally provoked, btw) and taking it out on my Twitter followers.  No, I’m not going to take it out on you, too.  I’ve vented enough.  Anyway, @derekscruggs saw me complaining and replied,”You know how the journey is the reward? Sometimes it’s the punishment too. :|” I’ve been […]
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It Finds You

A friend of mine is always telling me, “You can’t go looking for love.  It finds you, not the other way around.” It’s the kind of thing I used to believe in.  But I don’t anymore.  Or at least I don’t think I should.  It’s just not healthy to hold on to those fantasies forever.  […]

Little Rant

Most online dating sites let you see who’s been looking at your profile (and they’ll let you browse privately, without showing up in anyone’s records if you prefer).  Anyway, sometimes I’ll notice the same guy showing up in my “who’s viewing you” list, day after day.  I usually just ignore it, assuming the guy is […]
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