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No, not that kind of cheating.  I’m cheating, as in not really doing my work, with today’s post.  It’s Friday which usually means a list.  But I’m still sleep deprived and can’t make my brain work so good.  So instead of writing a crappy list I will instead share with you some really funny dating […]
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? Seeking…Hey, Where’s My Box

So, by now all of my regular readers know that I’m a big fan of online dating.  For all of its faults, I think it’s a pretty awesome way to meet potential dates. But that’s not what this week’s poll is about. Recently I was checking out a new-ish site (I check them all out, […]
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Willing To Lie About How We Met

I don’t see it as often anymore, but there was a time when you’d see a lot of online dating headlines that said, Willing to Lie About How We Met or something like it.  Translation for my readers who’ve never tried online dating:  Most online dating services ask you to use a headline for your […]
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Too Soon Dude, Too Soon

It looks like I’m not going to be going out with that 33 year old after all.  Sorry, I really was ready to give the whole cougar thing a whirl, but I can’t.  Not with this one.  He just completely blew it. We met online a week or so ago and have been exchanging very […]

Quick Dating Update

There are no second dates on the horizon.  None.  I’m not going to see the heavy drinker again.  Or the recently divorced guy who just moved to the city (Mr. Red Flag).  Or Mr. Early Next Week. I was supposed to have a couple of other first dates over the weekend but there were scheduling […]