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Online Dating Story Du Jour

So yesterday was the day that everyone wrote about’s new screening policy: Starting soon, they’ll be checking their users against the sex offender registry. So not so much du jour as d’hier. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see this as a huge deal. I’m not going to feel any safer knowing that all […]

I’d Rather Be Safe

There’s this guy I’ve been meaning to meet for a couple of weeks. I would have gotten together with him last weekend, but I wasn’t feeling well. Anyway, we’re trying to set plans for next week.  And he keeps suggesting that we take a ride out to the beach. And since NYC is in the […]

7 Things I Love About Online Dating

Online dating has a bad reputation.  A really, really bad reputation. Recently, one of my readers mentioned to me (he was being very nice about it, and I’m not mocking him or taking that comment negatively) that perhaps I shouldn’t be wasting my time with online dating.  That I should be using my energy to […]
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