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As a matter of fact, I do think online dating “works” (again)

Two quick stories. Story 1 I was at a party this weekend and amongst the guests were some fairly prolific daters, even a guy or two who might put me to shame.  Someone, one of the guys, brought up the topic of online dating.  He hadn’t done much of it and was a skeptic. He […]

The Dating Game Update: Not Winning/Not Losing

Earlier this month I wrote a couple of times about a game, an experiment, I was trying with Lucky Girl.  I haven’t mentioned it in a while though, and there’s a reason for that. It went really poorly. At first it was fun, looking at guys’ profiles for someone else.  I’d send her a bunch […]

More Fun with Audience Participation

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I feel like I’m ready to return to dating again.  So now what? Well, step one is for me to unhide my online profile(s).  I’ll probably activate my profiles on nerve and OkCupid.  I took a few minutes (really, just a few) last night to browse new members […]
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So, I’m Gonna Go There

Last week I mentioned how weird this was for me, trying to negotiate my new reality (gosh that sounds so dramatic).  My new reality = I’ve met a guy who I like and we’ve gone on a couple of dates and because I immediately knew he was the kind of person who’d get it/be cool […]
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5 Things A Guy Shouldn’t Put in His Online Profile (Taken from Real Personal Ads )

I’ve been saving these up, collecting them, over time.  Each was taken, verbatim from some guy’s profile (no, I’m not going to say which service).  I chose these specific statements because they represent classic errors that I see all the time.  And yeah, I know women make lots of errors in their profiles too, but […]
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