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Learning as I Go

As many people/friends/readers know, I tend to write many of these posts a day or even days in advance. It’s really the only way I can make it work. Sometimes, it’s a same day thing. But that’s not the norm. So right now, as I’m writing, it’s Monday afternoon. But this will be posted Tuesday […]

Proud or Arrogant?

I was on the phone last night, telling a friend about a date I have coming up (later today, wish me luck). It’s a guy I met online, and as I wrote about yesterday, his profile isn’t fabulous. It’s not horrible (good spelling and grammar). Just not fabulous. So, I was telling my friend about […]

I’d Rather Date a Man With a Bad Profile…

So, I’m a week or so into my most recent foray into online dating and I’ve been thinking about my theory of good daters vs daters. In short, some guys are great daters: fun, charming, sexy – but they suck at relationships. Others may be lousy on a first date, but deserve a second look […]

Look Your Best – Dating Headshots

I’ve been thinking a lot about dating lately. As in, dating again. As I mentioned last week, I miss dating. And now that I’ve moved and I’m starting to feel better, I’m starting to get myself ready to get back into the game. For me, that means exercising, so that I can feel better about […]

Blast from the Past: 7 Things A Guy Needs to Know About Picking An Online Dating Profile Picture

It’s the Friday before the Labor Day Weekend and it seems like half the US has started their long weekends early.  Not me. I’m working today. Sort of. Today’s (rerun) post came to mind as I clicked on a totally hysterical email from one of the online services (who shall remain nameless, under the ‘if […]