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Smoking Hawt! Vote for Your Faves at the Badoo Project.

Holy hotness!. Remember when I told  you about the Badoo Project?  Sure you do, it was just last week. A thousand New Yorkers had the opportunity to get their profile pics taken by fashion photographers (because, you know, those pics of you in the in the bathroom mirror just won’t do). Well, like I said, […]

The Badoo Project Comes to NYC

Like many bloggers, I get a lot of emails asking me to check out new sites, pitch products, come to events and write about them. I don’t have time to even reply to most of it, much less play along. Plus, you know, if I actually wrote about all of the things these folks wanted […]

Liars Lie

So, a year or so ago (maybe longer, I can’t keep track) I went out with a man who lied on his online profile. Shocking, I know! He misrepresented his age by several years, and didn’t fool me one bit. I knew he was lying from the get go. He just looked older than he […]

I Donwanna

Not feeling real articulate right now. It’s not that I don’t want to write. Or even that I don’t have things to write about. I just can’t seem to get my ideas together into post form. Can I blame Irene? So here’s something that’s been going on. Or not going on. I was supposed to […]

Can’t Buy Me Love

I’ve been dipping my toes back into the online dating world lately, and DAMN it’s like nothing ever changes. I’ve been doing this for such a long time. SUCH. A. LONG. TIME. And still… So what has me so ticked off today? It’s the boys with toys pics. That is, (grown) men who post pictures […]