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Bringer of Butterflies

Today’s guest post comes to us from the fabulous Princess Jones of The Bitch Blog.  You should absolutely go check it out! Bringer of Butterflies You know, if a 30 year old has been dating since she was fifteen with an average at least two relationships a year, that’s 30 boyfriends. And you also have […]

Important Things I’ve Learned from One Night Stands

I can still remember the conversation.  I’d met a friend for happy hour at the Boathouse in Central Park.  Not a usual hang out, but it was the first really warm day of summer and we wanted to be outside and enjoy the park. It had been weeks since we’d spoken and the first thing […]

One Night Stand

Last night I was out with some friends and the topic of one night stands came up.  One of my friends, a guy, has never had one and couldn’t exactly wrap his head around the concept of how they happen(really).  Well, I’ll be honest, I’ve had a few.  Not recently.  Not in years, in fact.  […]

Dryspells Suck – aka Who Can You Count On (Redux)?

My last one night stand was a couple of years ago (that seems about right, my longtime readers will recall my mentioning that I have a horrible sense of time – I can’t always remember when things heppened – a year ago, two years, three years).  We met at an upscale bar not far from […]
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