Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

Location, Location, Location

So there was this one guy who I actually found more than just a little bit interesting/attractive on  He definitely stood out from the rest of the crowd.  But of course there was one thing tragically wrong with him.  He lives in the suburbs, about an hour away from the city by train. Still, I […]

Last Single Girl Standing

So, the other day I got a lovely message from a reader.  In the message he said that he found it odd that I never mentioned any female friends in my posts.  It wasn’t a criticism.  He was just remarking on it. Well, it got me to thinking.  I know I mention friends sometimes, and […]

Wow, You’re So Impressive

I live in NYC and if there’s one thing we do well, here, it’s make people feel excluded. There are so many different places to go, so many different things to do, but there’s always going to be a shortlist of the hottest, hardest to get into bars and clubs (there are plenty of places […]
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The Best Coffee in NYC

No, I don’t claim to know where to find the best cup of coffee in the city. There are a bunch of places that I think are pretty awesome. Sadly, some of the ones with the best coffee aren’t great places to hang out in, but that isn’t really the point. I’ve had a handful […]
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Mishaps Happen and the Magic of 3

So I had to cancel my date tonight. I live in one of those wonderful old buildings in NYC that everything thinks is charming. And it is. Except that the plumbing is old, too, and several times a winter we are without heat and hot water for hours at a time. It was that way […]
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