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Seriously, No Really

I’m a child of the 70s and sometimes the timing of my birth and life really pisses me off.  The economy was pretty damn sucky when I got out of college (not as bad as it is now, but pretty bad). AIDS came into the national consciousness just as I was becoming interested in sex.  […]
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Music for a Sunny Saturday

I’ve been out running errands and it’s just so goddamn nice in NYC today.  It’s sunny and breezy and not freakishly warm but not cold either.  Just right for March.  Anyway, I’m still supposed to be out there running errands (still have a few things on my to do list). I just stopped home for […]
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But You’re A Cashier

There’s this Seinfeld episode where Jerry gets dumped by his girlfriend after she goes to see his act and doesn’t think he’s funny.  She tells him that she can’t date anyone who’s work she doesn’t respect.  His response is, “but you’re a cashier”.  I think the funniest line in the episode is his reply, “but you’re a […]

The Statement Date

There comes a time in most romantic relationships when a guy wants to show his gal that he means business.  That he likes her.  Really, really likes her.  And for this he’s going to want to plan a statement date. What’s a statement date?  Well, there are certain places, certain restaurants that have a special shine to them.  […]
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The Break Is Over

It’s Official.  My break from dating is over.  I have a date on Saturday with one of the guys I met on Plenty of Fish.  That was fast, I know.  But he’s good, really good. So far he’s done everything right.  His initial message mentioned something very specific and idiosyncratic in my profile, one of […]
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