Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

Breakup Day

It was a lovely weekend in NYC.  It was sunny and not too warm. Perfect for long walks, alone or otherwise. I was out, enjoying a long walk, when I couldn’t help but notice a couple having a tense argument. They weren’t shouting. In fact, their voices were barely raised at all. But there was […]


I was brave this weekend.  I walked into a party, by myself, knowing that I probably wouldn’t know a single person there. I was invited by someone I’d been trying to connect with for ages (she was the host). But other than her, someone I’d never actually met, I had no idea who might be […]

Little Fish, Big Pond and Still…

I’ve always thought of myself as a little fish in a big pond and happily so. Add that to the reasons I love New York, I guess. I can be and do whatever I want and know that, no matter what, I just fade into the crowd here. I’m barely a blip on the radar. […]


And yes, I meant for the title to be all in caps.  It’s for emphasis. So maybe this theory isn’t new.  Maybe someone else has said this before.  But yesterday is the very first time this thought entered my head.  So it’s new for me. But before I share this new theory with you, a […]
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Shhhh. They’ll Hear You.

For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter (What’s wrong with you, why aren’t you on twitter? and why aren’t you following ME?) please allow me to apologize in advance.  I’ve been venting all morning. In the last 24 hours my life has turned into a demonstration of Murphy’s Law, with no end […]