Real stories about dating and relationships in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.

Perspective. Yeah That.

Had to share, even if it makes me queasy. I had a medical appointment with a new doctor. A second opinion I should have had long ago. Why didn’t I have it sooner? 1) I thought I was getting pretty good care 2) I did actually make this appointment MANY months ago. Getting in to […]

Floppy Disks and Hard Drives

It’s a beautiful day for a fabulous guest post. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but we have blue skies in NYC.  I woke up and sprung out of bed, then raced out to take a long walk in the glorious springlike weather. Then, after walking for a few hours I realized […]

The Surreal Nature of Dating in the City

Ah, dating in NYC.  What a beautiful disaster. Today’s NYC dating adventure is from Jennifer Gargotto is the creator of MsMorphosis. She, also recently wrote her first ebook, Navigating Dating: A Single Woman’s Guide to Dating Without Losing Herself.  The Surreal Nature of Dating in the City I lived in New York City for exactly 6 months […]

The Right Answer

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before – I love eavesdropping. I mean, how can you not?  Real life is so much more interesting than fiction. Stranger and funnier and much more bizarre. Depending on your perspective, I guess. New York City is an awesome place for eavesdropping. Unlike other places, we’re out in the open […]

The Monday after crying….

Like many of you, I spent some time crying yesterday. But also walking through the city I love and having brunch with friends. September 11th has been an especially emotional day for me since my mom died a few years ago, during this same week.  I start getting sad earlier in the week, and then […]